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New Technology – Traditional stone styling

When the traditional materials are being re-evaluated, stone in many forms is staging an unprecedented revival. In the fast new development, a desire to build with trouble free, high quality materials and long lasting. Wairaustone claddings combine the visual appeal, warmth, and texture of stone with a new stone technology, out performs natural stone.

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Wairaustone, an improvement on nature

By combining polymer acrylic with the art of cement processing, cast stone facing are formed and coloured, more beautiful than natural split stone shape. Wairaustone also contains of water proofing material so it does not absorb humidity and fungus free. It is the only stone facing that maintenance free and unchanged colour.

The seductive tones of natural hand-hewn stone

Elegant – looking from wairau stone colours, soft and with the beauty of natural split stone, blend beautifully with other material.

There are ten colours to choose from white, cream, gold, sandstone, charcoal, peach, shadow grey, hazelwood, macadamia, sandcream, and stucco and it can be specially made to suit your need in casting proceed.

Patented design for corner stone creates permanent solid shape and which cannot be found from ordinary split stone.

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An Excellent Insulator

Humidity and dampness associated with traditional stone has been eliminated. Wairaustone is denser and more water resistant than natural stone.

Natural Choice for New Construction

On a new construction installation of Wairaustone’s cladding is quick and straightforward. The precast stone facing are individually hand laid on the base panel or plastered wall with special bonding cement, the pointed as in conventional stonework.

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Wairaustone a beautiful feature

The usage limit is your imagination. Many people have successfully created a new feature in their building with Wairaustone.

Transform your home with the warmth of Wairaustone

Wairaustone can be fitted in almost all wall surfaces like concrete or brick wall, creating a modern and enchanting design and free maintenance. Fitting Wairaustone masons and get a guarantee from the factory, or consumer can buy the materials and employ his own contractor. After fitting, your house will get a good isolation, warmer appearance and having high benefit.

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Renovation and new wall


Fixing a new wall layer with Wairaustone can change totally the appearance of the building and add unexpected value. The renovation of old house by Wairaustone will make a new beautiful appearance.

Wairaustone – Naturally

No other cladding materials offer such versatility and character combined with technical advantages. The decision to clad with Wairaustone claddings is one you will never regret.

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Technical Data

      Adhesive Capacity           :     >20 Mpa (tested on hard plank backing panel)

      Thermal                             :     40% increased thermal resistance

                                                        29% heat loss reduction compares with 150cm brick or 450mm natural stone.

      Water Absorption             :     1% in 24 hours immersion test

      Compressive strength     :     25 Mpa on a flat veneer wall surface

      Colour Fast                       :     Inorganic oxides are integral part of casting. No undesirable colour fading with weathering.

      Weight                               :     Approximately 19 kg sqm, depends on the types.

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